At the AIT’s Competence Unit Molecular Diagnostics we identify and validate useful biomarkers for minimally or non-invasive diagnostics in body fluids to create point of care solutions. We have a special focus on liquid biopsies (blood, extracellular fluids and saliva) that are ideally suited for point of care measurements. In our academical or industrial projects we act as service provider or contract research partner.


Liquid biopsy analyses of circulating nucleic acids or proteins in various body-fluids

Nanotechnology is becoming a key enabling technology with diverse applications.

AIT has long lasting experience with the OLINK® Proximity Extension Assay (PEA)

The AIT specializes in providing tailored services for the development of (bio)inks and surface modification of sensors and microfluidics.

  • Discovery / custom protein arrays
  • Peptide arrays
  • Planar microarray and bed array services
  • Epigenomics (Array & Sequencing)
  • Candidate marker validation (qPCR)
  • End-to-end pipelines
  • Data integration
  • NGS and high-throughput support
  • Biostatistics
  • Identification and validation
  • Assay development
  • Customized sensor elements and prototypes
  • Transport and toxicity studies (drug, toxins, chemicals, …)
  • (Novel) disease models and therapeutic strategies
  • Cell-cell communication studies
  • high-throughput qPCR Barrier Chip
  • Sensor system development
  • Simulation and modelling
  • Fabrication and characterization
  • Development of point of care cartridges, systems and demonstrators
  • Assay design, process control and transfer to POC platforms
  • Validation, automation and quality control
  • Database management, design tools and experimental evaluation
  • Assay development and performance analysis
  • Detection platforms and principles