Protein and Peptide Array Services

We offer innovative high throughput technologies using protein and peptide microarrays, multiplex protein analyses (using bead arrays and microtiter plate-based assays) and ELISA, as pre-defined and customized analysis services and assay development services. Immunoglobulins in serum, plasma and other body fluids, like saliva, are known as potential biomarkers for autoimmune and systemic complex diseases, like inflammatory, ageing related and cancerous diseases. It is also well known that changes in immunoglobulin profiles against a broad variety of proteins (e.g. autoantigens, tumor-autoantigens, etc.) are an early event in diseases and would be useful as diagnostic biomarkers. AIT has developed antibody profiling using high density protein and peptide array technologies for discovery and provides custom solutions for validation. Accompanied by bioinformatic assistance in data analysis, we support our partners and customers in the ultimate goal of defining immunoassays and biomarkers for improving research and diagnostics. 



  • Protein array service – 6.129 different human proteins covering 8.173 annotated human transcripts derived from 15.286 recombinant E. coli expression clones
  • Customized and targeted protein arrays – e.g. subsets of proteins presenting specific pathways for both peptides and proteins 
  • Peptide array – planar and bead array analysis based on 172.000 peptides defined by IgG profiling of breast, colon, lung and prostate cancer including peptides deduced from common somatic mutations in cancer
  • Custom high-density tiling peptide arrays – deduced from known protein sequences
  • whole human proteome antigenic profiling
  • Protein and peptide antigens can be defined by microarray-based discovery from e.g. IgG from 10 μl to 30 μl of serum or plasma.
  • Targeted analyses – using bead arrays and microarrays in 96-well plates are conducted using 10 μl to 30 µl of samples for parallel analyses of 10 up to 500 proteins or peptides from a single sample.
  • Data handling and analyses

Research Services

  • Sourcing of clones
  • High throughput protein production from recombinant clones
  • Array spotting (contact free and contact spotting)
  • Protein/peptide coupling and immobilization onto different surfaces
  • Immunoglobulin purification and standardization from samples
  • Sample processing on diverse multiplexing platforms
  • Sequence extraction and peptide design
  • Assisting in experimental plans/design
  • Bioinformatics data analysis
  • Statistical and scientific reporting
  • Consulting and external advisory services


  • Immunomics and antibody profiling
  • Biomarker research, epitope mapping, defining peptides form proteins, defining chemically synthesizable linear peptides from protein sequences.
  • Testing patient samples upon treatment for their immune response and off-target reactivity in vaccine development.
  • Defining peptides for diagnostics and vaccine development applications in many indication areas like infections, allergy, autoimmune and systemic diseases.
  • Off-target reactivites/companion diagnostics

Other Protein Based Services


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